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ifitnursenursingblogsireadHere are a list of some of the blogs I have read during nursing school. Some provide great education tips, while others  provide entertainment and recreational reading material.


First on the list, is all about Nurse Nacole. She has done a fabulous  job building her community. Very bright, and inspiring young lady.

Nurse Nacole
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Nurse Nacole provides very informational content on her blog. She also has a YouTube Channel you MUST check out! { I want to be her when I grow up…lol }

I just recently found this blog and adore it.

The Resilient Nurse
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Nurse Mo from the resilient nurse blog gives great advice on your career, health, life, and patient care.

I love all things techy!

The Nerdy Nurse
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Nurse Brittany from The Nerdy Nurse has a wonderful blog full of so much content. I love browsing her site to learn as well as look at all of her cute products.  One day I would love to be added to her nursing bloggers list. “The Ultimate List of Nurse Bloggers“…. #blogginggoals

Have I told you I love reading…. like reading regular non-textbooks?!?

A Reading Nurse
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I know.. I know… Who has the time to read non-nursing textbooks while in nursing school!?!?

Well.. when those random windows of time open up…:: maybe during summer break::… browse her site and see if you may want to read a book she has reviewed. I have some I have added to my book reading list. 🙂

There is also a lot of great content on Nurse Shelley’s blog. She has a great tab dedicated to posts related to nursing students.  Click here to check it out!

Adventures of a Labor Nurse
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This blog is full of education, funny and entertaining posts. Have you read one of her latest blogs posts “10 Reasons You Should Fall In Love with a Nurse“??? If not take a read and share…

Anyways since I really enjoyed my OB rotation maybe I’ll want to be a labor nurse in the future. Who knows?!

Last but not least. This blog rocks! Very…VERY…educational.

Nurse Zone
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Great resources on this blog! I have used it to read some blog posts, resume & study tips, and more.


What are some of your favorite blogs you enjoy reading related to nursing? Tweet me at @ifitnurse


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