6 tipscompleting pre requisite courses

6 Tips |Completing Nursing School Pre Requisites

One of the most common questions I get from students interested in getting into nursing school is “What prerequisites do I need to take to get into nursing school?”…and… “How long does it take to complete the pre requisites?” So first off, if you haven’t done so already, go ahead Read More


I got accepted to a nursing school!!!!

So this is the moment that I have been waiting for… an acceptance letter ( well email)… AND I finally got one. I was on my way to church when I by glanced at my phone and saw I had a new email and the words I quickly read was Read More


No more Hesi… Moving on with life…. Feels good!

Today I passed my Hesi A2! The two month wait and the two science courses i completed did indeed help me pass the biology section. Two months ago, I missed my 75% goal in the bio section by 3%, but today I scored a high 96%! I am beyond excited Read More


Hesi A2 Retake tomorrow and Fall Class update… Things are moving along.

So, tomorrow I retake my Hesi A2. This is the last chance I’ll have in order to pass this exam. Last time, two months ago, I missed the science section by one question. If I selected one more correct answer I wouldn’t have to be retaking it! I’m still bitter, Read More


I have submitted 2 ADN applications

So quick update. Two out of three ADN nursing applications are in! I am super excited in just a few months I will find out the results. (well by the end of the year.) I still have to study for my Hesi retake then submit my application. I am nervous Read More


I passed the Teas V! My 2 cents on Teas V vs Hesi A2

So, today I took my Teas exam and passed all of the sections! This was my first time taking this exam and I am beyond excited that I DO NOT have to retake this exam. ( Wish I could say that about the Hesi)