GN Resume - What to include

How to find and prepare for a nursing job interview Video

If you are looking to learn how to search and prepare for a job in nursing make sure you watch my latest vlog. Below you will find more interview questions that may help you prepare of your interview: Example Questions: – Tell me a little bit about yourself? – What Read More


I accepted a job offer!!! | & nursing infographic to review!

Hi everyone! This is the first post of the year (I know pretty late), but I finally feel like I am starting to catch my breath. Now that I have passed my NCLEX-RN, and received my RN license I couldn’t be more excited to share some good news with you. Read More

6 tipscompleting pre requisite courses

6 Tips |Completing Nursing School Pre Requisites

One of the most common questions I get from students interested in getting into nursing school is “What prerequisites do I need to take to get into nursing school?”…and… “How long does it take to complete the pre requisites?” So first off, if you haven’t done so already, go ahead Read More

GN Resume - What to include

How to prepare for Nursing School Simulations

Let’s talk about how I prepare for the nerve wrecking nursing school simulations. I am hoping that it will bring you guys some ease when preparing for upcoming simulations. First, expect to be nervous. It is interesting to see that my nursing peers and I feel comfortable providing care with Read More

GN Resume - What to include

I’ve hit a growth spurt in Med Surge 1

My professor and I had an opportunity to sit down and just talk about her goals for the class. She is great in pushing and motivating you to think outside of the box and to really apply your critical thinking skills. We have had many conversations when light bulbs just Read More