How to find and prepare for a nursing job interview Video

If you are looking to learn how to search and prepare for a job in nursing make sure you watch my latest vlog. Below you will find more interview questions that may help you prepare of your interview: Example Questions: – Tell me a little bit about yourself? – What Read More


How to be a leader in Nursing School: SNA VLOG

Hey everyone! I am super excited that my second collab video with a fellow nursing blogger is finally up. Nurse Murse and I decided to create a video discussion our experiences as SNA President, as well as sharing tips for students to get involved. I hope you enjoy the video. Read More


How I Passed NCLEX-RN | My opinion on the Hurst Review

Hi everyone! I have recently uploaded a vlog discussing my opinions and experience of taking the Hurst Review Live Course Review. Please check out my YouTube Channel and leave any comments or questions below. In addition to the content discussed in this video read below for my pro’s and cons. Read More


I accepted a job offer!!! | & nursing infographic to review!

Hi everyone! This is the first post of the year (I know pretty late), but I finally feel like I am starting to catch my breath. Now that I have passed my NCLEX-RN, and received my RN license I couldn’t be more excited to share some good news with you. Read More


How to Improve Patient Care in Nursing: Takeaway #2 from the book, “I’m Here.”

Hopefully, you have read my Takeaway #1, and have returned to read more of what I have taken from the book “I’m Here.” by Marcus Engle. This week my takeaway is pretty lengthy. Takeaway #2 – Care for the patient and the family; provide accurate updates; allow time for patients Read More