I accepted a job offer!!! | & nursing infographic to review!

Hi everyone! This is the first post of the year (I know pretty late), but I finally feel like I am starting to catch my breath. Now that I have passed my NCLEX-RN, and received my RN license I couldn’t be more excited to share some good news with you. Read More


How to Improve Patient Care in Nursing: Takeaway #2 from the book, “I’m Here.”

Hopefully, you have read my Takeaway #1, and have returned to read more of what I have taken from the book “I’m Here.” by Marcus Engle. This week my takeaway is pretty lengthy. Takeaway #2 – Care for the patient and the family; provide accurate updates; allow time for patients Read More


How to Improve Patient Care in Nursing: Takeaway #1 from the book, “I’m Here.”

I’m Here:Compassionate Communication in Patient Care,” written by Marcus Engle, is a highly recommended read for anyone in the health care field. I, like many of you, am a nursing student. Eager to get through school, and counting down the months until I earn my “RN” license, and enter the Read More


Nursing School First Year Completed- Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! This year was big for me! After all of my hard work preparing and completing pre requisites to enter nursing school I finally started my 2 year ADN program in January 2014. Now that 2014 is gone, it really hit me that I am half way done, Read More


How to prepare for Nursing School Simulations

Let’s talk about how I prepare for the nerve wrecking nursing school simulations. I am hoping that it will bring you guys some ease when preparing for upcoming simulations. First, expect to be nervous. It is interesting to see that my nursing peers and I feel comfortable providing care with Read More


I’ve hit a growth spurt in Med Surge 1

My professor and I had an opportunity to sit down and just talk about her goals for the class. She is great in pushing and motivating you to think outside of the box and to really apply your critical thinking skills. We have had many conversations when light bulbs just Read More


People’s opinions don’t matter. YOU don’t know me!

A few days ago I was studying at Starbucks when a Nurse Practioner asked me what I was studying. She proceeding on “oohing and awwing” that I just started Med Surge. She then proceeding on asking what I currently do, and I responded audio engineering. When I tell people that Read More