2018 Nursing and Career Goals

I love me some goals! If you don’t know it is one of my favorite things to do as we approach the new year. Reflecting on where I am in my life both personally and professionally and listing out the things I want to accomplish really gives me the energy and motivation to push through and be successful.

If you haven’t seen my latest video, no worries. You can check it out below. I explain in more detail my list of nursing and career goals I will be working towards in 2018.

I believe there is power in sharing and writing down goals. My husband and I do this on a yearly basis. We even have a vision board on the door to our garage so every day we lay eyes on it.

After you watch the video or read below, do not forget to comment and share your 2018 goals.

My goals are as listed:

What are you working towards this year?

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