My first inservice | AMT Bridle NG Tube System

IMG_2103Today I had the opportunity to attend my first inservice. My unit manager was kind enough to watch my patients while I attended the brief presentation. A very nice gentleman ( who also brought candy 🙂 ) provided a great explanation and presentation on nursing the AMT Bridle Nasal Tube System, that we will be using to help secure NG feeding tubes.

As soon as I got home, I went onto youtube and found an informational video. If you’re interested take a look. It is nice to see a product that can not only help reduce the risk of pulling out a feeding tube, but it can also help protect the patients skin from the tape we normally use.

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As I’ve only been working on the floor for about four weeks, I have learned that what helps me understand new things is to jot it down in my notebook, and research and watch a movie explaining it. It’s the student in me that desires more instructional content.

Anyways, I really enjoyed my inservice and hope to find these helpful. Have you used these on your unit? What are your thoughts so far?

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