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6 tipscompleting pre requisite courses

One of the most common questions I get from students interested in getting into nursing school is “What prerequisites do I need to take to get into nursing school?”…and… “How long does it take to complete the pre requisites?”

So first off, if you haven’t done so already, go ahead and check out my latest vlog, which includes many tips for high school students and those interested in getting into nursing school.

Once you have done that continue reading this blog post.

I wanted to write a little more about my tips for someone considering nursing school, specifically addressing the pre requisites portion of the nursing program application.

From my experience here are the classes that consist of the pre requisites classes you need to complete prior to getting into nursing school. (Some nursing programs allow you to complete remaining pre requisites while accepted in the program).

Please note that different states and colleges requirements differ. I suggest you search or call the school you are interested in to get the list of classes the program requires. Once you have the list, start scheduling your semesters to complete them by the application deadline. ( I completed most of  my pre requisites at a local community college in about a year.)

To tackle the “What classes do I need to take before applying to nursing school.”

Here is some information for the classes I had to take. Please keep in my I go to school in Texas, which requires additional Government/History courses than other states.

The information below will mostly apply to ADN/BSN programs I am aware of.

ADN Pre Requisites


Intro to Psych

Growth & Dev(Lifespan)

Anatomy & Physiology 1 Lecture & Lab

Anatomy & Physiology 2 Lecture & Lab

Microbiology Lecture & Lab

Philosophy Elective

Creative Arts Elective

BSN Requirements

In addition to the classes listed under the ADN Pre Requisites the following are additional classes to complete BSN Requirements.

Chemistry Lecture & Lab



American Government

Texas Government

Texas History

Intro to Sociology

To address the following question of  “How long do the pre requisites classes take to complete,” it really depends on you availability as well as when the classes are offered.

If  you don’t work you can take 3/4 classes per semester, and complete the pre requisites in 1 or 2 semesters.

If you work and can only take night classes you may want to take advantage of the mini semesters to get some of these pre requisites out of the way faster.

I would say that A&P (1 & 2) are challenging to take in a 5 week semester, so if you want to do that make sure you are truly dedicated to work hard, since these are VERY important classes to do well in.

So, my advice to you is:

  1. Contact the nursing program you are interested in and request a list of  pre requisites classes to complete.
  2. Determine what classes you need to take and don’t need to take.
  3. Check when classes are offered and register for those classes.
  4. Do not fill you schedule with too many classes, which could hurt your chance of doing well in the pre requisite classes. If this means delaying applying one semester, do that! Don’t try to cram all of the classes in because your understating and grades are important and will reflect in your grades.
  5. Keep the deadline of the application in mind to make sure you are staying on track.
  6. Lastly, allow time to study for the entrance exams if your school requires it. I took my entrance exams between A&P2 and Microbiology, so it was a very stressful time making additional time to study of the entrance exam on top of preparing for finals and starting a new class.


Thanks for reading. I hope you found this post helpful.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Leave them in the comment section below.


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  1. chloe says:

    Hi Jeannette.. I’m in a nursing program like yours. means I already have a Bachelor degree. I inter Nursing for the love of health field & my previous degree, well I could get the most of it. since i started Nursing
    everything is great! but I lost my mojo. and this last spring semester my GPA drop 0.1 which makes me frustrated. now I know that I have to prepare a head my classes because it is how it works for me! But I just couldn’t prepare or read anything. I also feel pressure I need to do this. or my GPA will keep dropping! & the most important I wont have the most of this learning experience. unfortunately my level don’t allow me of internship + we don’t have summer semester. so I feel stuck! how can I do this?! with all the pressure?!

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