I’ve hit a growth spurt in Med Surge 1

My professor and I had an opportunity to sit down and just talk about her goals for the class. She is great in pushing and motivating you to think outside of the box and to really apply your critical thinking skills. We have had many conversations when light bulbs just turn on, and that excites me and motivates me to be better.

One of the common areas my clinical group needs to work on is really understanding the entire picture of a patient’s history.

We tend to narrow down and go off of what we believe is the most important and relevant issue. Our teacher then challenges us to put all of the pieces together in the correct order. It really does help to understand where was the starting point and the complications that came after. In the beginning my brain just didn’t go there. Now, I am really trying to think it through like that. Sometimes I get it wrong, but when I do get it right it’s a good feeling.

This semester for me, was challenging but really rewarding. During this Med Surge rotation, I really got to experience the “real life experience” of a med surge nurse. It is one thing to practice in lab with mannequins, but it’s a totally different experience to do it with a real patient. This past week I got to manually bag someone who was being transported to CT, and I also got to put in a foley.

I have done both in skills lab many times before, but the feeling of doing it on a patient is unexplainable. I guess everyone will feel different once they do it in real life.

As my teacher and I continued our conversation she expressed her goal of having us all reach the level of a great med surge student nurse. There is a balance of taking all of the knowledge we learn in the classroom, and being able to apply it while at the clinical site. I believe I am getting there. This past week I got to act as team leader “charge nurse.” I believe every program should have an opportunity for their students like this. It really allowed me to see how my peers provide care, as well as try to understand and guide them to understand the patient’s history. I was really impressed by some of the students, which only inspired me to do more as a student nurse and care for my patient.

I have hit a growth spurt, in academic/nursing life, as well as personal. This semester pushed me to a point where I had to recognize why I do so much to try to be “perfect.” I wish I could find a better word to explain it. I was at the point where I was doing so much to do the best and be the best that it really wore me out. My spirit was broken. I then prayed and picked up the peaces, and got to a point of peace. I am happy for my nursing journey, even the big bumps that come my way.
Along the struggles of this semester, there is also the gratification that comes from hard work. My first exam was tough for me. I scored a 78% and I was devastated. My third exam, I earned a 96%, and to me that does show my efforts in preparing for this exam. 🙂 Also, I found the time to start working out again and doing yoga, that really helped me find my peace and physically feel a lot better. I am feeling healthy again.

Well, I guess this is it. I am feeling pretty guilt about the lack of videos lately. It’s just been a crazy semester, and I’m in the process of moving. Well, hope to catch everyone up with a vlog very soon.