People’s opinions don’t matter. YOU don’t know me!

A few days ago I was studying at Starbucks when a Nurse Practioner asked me what I was studying. She proceeding on “oohing and awwing” that I just started Med Surge. She then proceeding on asking what I currently do, and I responded audio engineering. When I tell people that they don't really understand what it is I do, nor do they not understand why I would be returning school and leaving a job that has the word “engineer” in it.


So as the conversation continued, she was like, “Are you going to try to do both, music and nursing? Maybe you should be a Music Therapist. At this point, I honestly just wanted to stop talking. Every so often, you will disclose to someone you want to be a nurse to an ACTUAL nurse, which 9/10 they would throw in nursing is hard, too much to deal with, and try to convince you to do something else.


Well, the lady was nice and all, but I do wonder did anyone approach her like me. Another question is why do current nurses want to change the minds of those entering the field? Is it because when they started they didn't do all they could to understand what it would be?


Anyways, I do get annoyed every single time this happens, just because they think I haven't studied nor understood where I am going in the future. I know and have done plenty of self exploration, that being called to be a nurse is what I'm destined to do.

(So keep it shut! …Lol)