Med Surge Clinical First Day Tomorrow

medical surgical nuring clinical day 1I normally, am counting the days until we get some real patient interaction, but for some reason this semester I am terrified. First day is tomorrow!! I’m going to lose sleep tonight.

They keep telling me at the end of this clinical rotation that we will REALLY feel like a nurse. I am excited and terrified all at the same time.

Today, I starting thinking about the skills that I will be able to do, and I have that look like “Are they really going to trust me to do these?!” (On real people)

At this point I have enough knowledge and “experience” to:

-Insert and remove an NG tube
-Give IM injections
-Give SC injections
-Insert a straight catheter (and remove)
-Insert an indwelling catheter
-Administer oral meds
-Administer suppositories
-Prep and prime an IV bag and piggy back (can’t push yet)
– Clean and dress a central line

It’s overwhelming just thinking that during the LONG 12 hour shift I could be asked to do all of that.

Our teacher keeps trying to comfort us and tell us that we won’t be ALONE, but I still am nervous.

I obviously, want to provide the best care, and will do all that I can to do so.

This semester it appears that the points we earn for EVERYTHING are a huge deal. Important enough to where a few points lost here and there could determine whether you pass or fail the class. Ahh the pressure!

Well, before I totally psych myself out, I’m going to start looking at papers to help with care planning and documentation.

Good luck to everyone on their semester and clinical rotation.

Week 2 is almost done.