Is nursing school hard?

nursing school is it hardThis is such a tough question to answer. I will say this, at times it’s harder than others, but you take care of business, and I believe you can make it through.

For example, if you hate reading nursing school will be harder. If you can’t seem to focus during lectures then nursing school will be harder. If you hate being graded on front of an instructor while doing a demonstration, it will be harder.

It does not mean that it will be impossible for you, it just means that you have a little more work to do.

If you hate reading maybe finding audible resources can help; or maybe recording every lecture and listening to them. It may also mean that you may need to break down the bit reading assignments. If you can’t seem to focus during lecture, then you may need to do more work to find ways to keep you interested and focused in the class room.

A big one is performing under pressure. The teachers are essentially helping us get over the nervousness that we will feel when people will have their eyeballs stuck on you. For instance, whenever we learn a new skill we need instructors to watch us and pass us, to confirm that we are able to perform the skills with no problems. That usually means practicing so much that you hands should be able to carry you through the demonstration, but then you still have your mind to take control of.

One of the most nerve wrecking skill demonstrations I’ve done was inserting a Foley catheter. I practiced so many times that I felt like it was going to be a breeze; but once I was in the classroom with my teacher alone my hands were shaking and I blanked out where I wanted to put my trash. Now that I’m fussing with my trash bag, I now find myself over analyzing what could go wrong since the trash is not where I normally placed it during practice. (I did well enough that I got full points.

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