Joining the National Student Nurses Association

First off, I’ll explain how I found out about the NSNA. My school sent me a letter to join the school’s Nursing Student Association club. I missed the deadline, so I asked around how or when could we become members of the organization. At that time, that was when someone told me to just apply to the NSNA and the fee for the schools nursing student association will be included. So, I did just that. I went and googled NSNA and came to this website. Feel free to visit it to learn more and become a member.

So, now that you know how I found out about it; let me tell you what I have learned and the benefits of becoming a member.

The National Student Nurses Association is a national organization that any nursing student can join. YOU have to be in a program that is preparing you for your RN license. Again, look at the site to learn more.

One, joining the NSNA or your schools association will look great on your resume! NSNA also has a list of partnerships that you can benefit by saving on purchases.

For me, I LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES and NSNA has a partnership with Office Depot and you can save 10% on your purchases. ( Sorry that excites me) Anyways, there are many other partnerships with hotels, attire, NCLEX classes and a lot more!!!!! So, I really suggest that you join.

I have also been told by instructors and other nurses that being a part of the organization is beneficial because they hold events and conventions that you can attend and learn. NSNA is a great way to support and get involved. Just take a look at the chapters in your state to get connected.

NSNA membership provides educational resources, leadership opportunities, scholarships, career guidance and more.

NSNA also sends I believe a quarterly magazine with valuable information. Feel free to check out the online version here

Well, I’ll stop there. I hope this interests you in signing up for NSNA and/or your schools Nursing Student Association.

Good luck with everything!