The Curse of Nursing School: Gaining Weight

The idea for my blog came from a moment in my life when I lost about 20-25 pounds and felt the fittest and healthiest I have ever felt and realized my calling in life, nursing. I loved fitness and nursing, and there you have it; iFitNurse was born.

Regarding fitness I loved the gym, but really sucked at eating. I began and did so much research that at one point I wanted to take my certification to becoming a personal trainer to help others, and now specifically those that work in the healthcare industry. Then I decided to just be healthy myself, share my story, and encourage other healthcare givers to make sure they live a fit, Healthy, balanced life as they care for others.

Then I thought a little deaper and realized that a lot of people just need to get educated and get to the point where they realize the effects and importance of finding a balance in your life especially when you care for others. To me this meant learning what foods to eat, getting to a healthy weight/BMI, and just being more active since this really helps prevent chronic diseases and other health related issues.

With a family History of DM, HTN, pulmonary fibrosis etc. I knew I had to do a change. So, lets fast forward…. I gained all of the weight I lost, and even worst I gained about 5/6 pounds since starting nursing school this January. I have some classmate that have also gained weight, and want to fight this curse of gaining weight. Our time is mostly spent in class and studying, and our food choices are limited to what is quick and cheap. I have noticed I rely on comfort food to reduce my stress. Yikes! How did I get back here.

So, in order to get back on track we decided to download my fitness pal app and work on being accountable and succeed in each of our health goals with each other's support.

I am super excited, because I love having friends that like to support each other. It's so much easier to accomplish tough things with the support of others that understand what you are trying to accomplish. It's thought doing it on your own.

For those that are not in nursing school this was one of the things the older students told me would happen durning nursing school at orientation day. I thought that it would be during the entire program and not immediately see weight gain weeks into nursing school, but nope. So those that haven't started beware! Make sure to find balance so you don't end up here.

Well that's it, I will most likely Vlog/Blog about my weightless progress.

Happy Friday… Let's make it a fit day….