Importance of looking professional…

As a society we all are quick to “judge” others based on what they are wearing and their appearance. I hate to think that we are that vain, but the reality is that it is usually how our first impressions are made.

I have caught myself a few times with a wrinkled scrub bottom, or dragging pants, and I think to myself that is not how I want people to think of me so I know I have to put more effort into maintaining a professional look throughout my nursing program and clinics, and in life. It is especially tough when you have those days where you literally jump out of bed and try to get out the house in 5 minutes. So I really DO understand.

I wanted to quickly blog about this because it is important. I have recently started doing this (before I head out the door to head to clinicals.) I either stand in front of the mirror or my door and ask the following questions:

First, I ask, “Do I look the part?” ( I then scan that my top and bottom of my scrubs are ironed, that I have the correct shoes on, and that my hair and make up are looks clean and professional.)

Next, I ask, “Do I have the tools I need for today?” ( I then scan my pockets looking for my pen light, forceps, writing utensils, stethoscope, etc.)

Lastly, I ask myself, “Can I identify who I am?” ( I quickly look and attach my ID to my collar. I keep an eye on my ID until I get in the car just incase in falls when I walk to my car.)

I do this check again before I sit in the car and drive away because I do not want to turn back from clinical because I forgot my ID.

I, also, purchased a second school ID and leave it in the car just in case I have one of those “Where’s my brain?” type of days.

[OH YEA! Put a small towel in the car and put that over your lap. If your like me, you drink your burning, hot, coffee in the car. I usually catch coffee spills on the towel and avoid any spills or stains on my scrubs or white scrub jacket. I’m thankful for towels.]

So thats it. I do feel very confident when I look my best, so remember put time in your appearance and you will also feel confident as you take on your day!