Patients don’t care about your grade… Quality nursing care is Most important.

rn It’s only 3 days since returning from spring break and I just really wanted to write this since there have been so many assignments due this week. On Monday, I passed in my 12 page paper and got a 97%, which makes all the time I spent on my paper during the break worth it!

This week is going by fast and a lot of good grades are coming out of it!Today, I took my second health assessment exam and scored a 96%! My team and I also got an 86.6% on our group care plan! Makes me happy.

A few classmates didn’t get the grades they wanted, but we did talk about what really matters.

A patient will not care whether you were an A student or a C student, so the points on exams doesn’t matter much ( as long as you pass nursing school). What really matters, and it’s something to easily forget, is that nursing is not just knowing facts and being able to pick the right answer. Nursing is caring for others. The skills, communication, and your heart goes a long way in this field. Your ability to interact and prioritize the patients’ need is MOST important. It is ok to miss points here and there, just don’t let it bend you out of shape,and make you want to drop out of nursing school. If you honestly took the time to study and just had a bad testing day you should not feel defeated. The knowledge is much more important, so dwell and stress on that. If nursing is your calling you will get through nursing school, get licensed, and provide quality care.

I, also recently experienced that everyone will have that “bad” test. You just have to keep in mind what is most important. What really matters. Go ahead and accept it ( may take some comfort food), move on and start preparing for your next exam, and get back in the game.

Remember, nursing school is not just teaching you new skills it really is building your character. It is challenging you mentally and emotionally, and it’s an area that everyone can grow in. I’m sure the difficult people in our class, the mean professors, the difficult tests will all be appreciated once we enter the nursing professional as professional licensed nurses, who have the ability all that nursing entails. So, take it all in. It is all a learning process. You can do it!

Good luck guys! Stay encouraged… You will have an R.N. after your name, just keep working on it.