Spring Break

Today is Friday and it pretty much wraps up my spring break. ::sigh:: It has been nice to sleep in and to wake up later than 5:30 am for school. Unfortunately, my internal clock opens my eyes at 6:20 am, and forced sleep happens up until 8:30 am. ( Kind of sad that’s what sleeping in means for me.)

I had a great time in the beginning by the week when I accompanied a nursing student and her children to the Children’s Museum. It was so nice to just be out and enjoy time with friends. I loved seeing the children have so much fun and just enjoy life. Made me realize that I need to do more fun stuff while in nursing school. Obviously, I need to prioritize school, but I do not want let the two years pass by without any good memories with my family and friends.

I also spent some money on new ceramic cups and things to paint. One of my favorite things to do to de stress is paint, draw, crochet, or really anything creative.

Now that this is the last day of my spring break… I wish I had a redo. I wish that I could have kept my research paper schedule and have completed it earlier in the week. Now, I am struggling to finish it while fighting with a headache. I also, wish I kept my vlogging schedule. 🙁 I had so many vlogging ideas that I wanted to do, but nope. It did not happen. ::sigh::

Anyways, although I felt like I could have enjoyed my spring break better I still enjoyed being off. Now, I am working on finishing my homework and focusing on my upcoming health assessment exam.

Well, hope everyone had a great spring break!