Dosage Calculations and First Clinical Simulation

This past week I had my qualifying dosage exam. For those that don't know, each semester my program tests us on our ability to safely and accurately calculate dosage /medicine calculation orders. So since I previously took Phatmacology at another school which included dosage calculations I was really stressed on my ability to pass it in my first semester of my nursing program. I felt like I should have retaken the course in my program to make sure I was ready and I could pass the exams with no problems. I really was really really stressed and I felt like I should have this down, but still I was freaking out. Anyways, I took the the fact that the pharmacology class credit was accepted therefore it was the same. I felt like yes, the basic are the same but I felt like my nursing school goes much more in depth when they teach this class.

Anyways, I did end up passing. I ended up getting the minimum score to pass, which was 90%! I was so stressed that I couldn't immediately celebrate my score. If I didn't pass I would have had to retake it and try to pass it a second time. Of couse, in nursing school there is so much to do and if I could avoid retaking this dosage test again that would just be heavenly. Now I'm happy I passed on the first try. Anyways, now that I passed my dosage I now have to stress about our first simulation in clinical.

The simulation in clinical is a group effort and everyone will be assigned different roles varying from family member to patient to nurse to primary nurse. I just finished the 10 hour prep work necessary in order to go on Monday and do my simulation.

On another note my iFitNurse vlog on youtube reached its 100th subscriber!!! 🙂 How exciting is that?! I really do enjoy making videos that help people. I know when I was preparing for nursing school that I spent so much time looking for as much details as I could to make sure that I was ready for school.

I have compiled a list of videos that I want to make and can't wait for spring break so I can record new videos with my new camera!

Well, hope everyone is doing well. Almost half way done with the first semester of nursing school! It's very exciting and surprising how fast time is flying.

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