I aced my Health Assessment Exam 1!

104 percent

So as you can see I passed and got an 104% on my first Health Assessment Exam. I am so proud of myself for having read each question correct and actually pick the correct answer. English is not my first language so these nursing type questions have taken some time to get used to. I must say after studying with my study group and reviewing the practice questions and really going through the information I can definitely see an improvement in understanding what exactly the question is looking for! I am gaining some confidence. Anyways, I and a lot of other students were discussing that we spent way too much time studying for our first exam ( Foundations Exam 1) and that we literally just spent 2-3 days studying for Health Assessment, so we really didn’t know what to expect.

I am glad that the test went well. A lot of my friends did really well on the exam! As you can imagine finishing the first exams of the semester feels wonderful! It feels even better when you pass! Like I mentioned before passing these exams has really lifted my spirits and has increased my confidence that I can really get through nursing school.

My next exam is my dosage calculations test, so I will start studying for that TODAY! Also, my birthday is Feb 23rd!!! Can’t wait to celebrate!!!!

Have a great Saturday!!!!

-iFN Jeannette