2nd Week of Nursing School Complete

Week 2 is complete! I greatly appreciated the congratulations from my husband. So during week 2, we had a chance to get more hands on. During our labs we practiced and were checked off for bed making and giving a bed bath. We also were taught ( and still need to practice) putting on PPE ( Mask, Gown, and Gloves), Sterile Gloving, Preparing a Sterile field/drape, how to take vital signs, Hair, Skin, and Eyes assesment. We also got to learn how to make the sims cough and do all of this cool stuff that we can practice with.

Regarding the course load, I am amazed at how much inforomation we already went over in just two weeks! It's exciting, but now that I calculated that my first exam of the semester is in 11 days it's now nerve wrecking. I am happy to report that I have kept up with the assignments, readings, and due dates so far. That was one of my main concerns after leaving orientation. I am actually making it! To keep me accountable I am using our programs' facebook group by uploaded as many reminders and helpful resources for everyone to utilize. I figure the more I can do for myself and help others the better I will be prepared when it comes time to take an exam,

Most of us are meeting Monday after clinical to make up a study plan for our first exam! Ahhh… butterflies..

Anyways, during this week on my way to school there was a delay, because somoene had an accident on one of the roads I drive on daily. I got to see a life flight helicopter transport the patient. I've never thought about being a life flight nurse, but it did peak my interest. I'm not even sure what the proper title is, but I do know that I am grateful for them. I, of course, sent a prayer up as the person was flown above.

So back to school stuff; I can sense that we are literally all over the place. Some of us are having problems keeping up with stuff, balancing life and schoool, some make it seem like they have everything in the bag, others are just hard to read and so many other expressions. I have to sometimes sit back, breath, and just remind myself that everything will be okay. One of my priorities this semester is to always be prepared as it will reduce my anxiety and worrying. I, also, told myself to be confident ( even if I am wrong.) I can really hide behing my insecurities.. ::sigh:: Anyways, that's in the works. Also, I am happy to say that I really am happy I chose my program. The instructors are awesome! They really make learning fun and intersting.

Well, to end this post, I am going to go back and practice taking blood ppressure on my husband. Lately, he has allowed me to practice on him, and how exciting! And, what's even more exciting is that I am getting the right numbers. 🙂

Anyways, I think that is all for my week 2. Happy nursing everyone! Good night!