It’s a new year…

2014… The year that I start nursing school!

Like many, the new year means a new set of goals to seek after and accomplish. My hubby and I make a list of personal and family goals and review it every year and create new goals for the upcoming year.

My 2013 goals included enrolling and completing a CNA course, finishing pre req’s and apply to nursing school, get into nursing school.

So, for 2014 I want to make some goals relating to nursing school and fitness.

So just a quick list:

1) Successfully pass 1st nursing school semester
2) Successfully pass 2nd nursing school semester
3) Successfully pass 3rd nursing school semester
4) Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA in school
5) Run another 5 or 10 K
6) Keep up with my iFitNurse blog and vlog

So anyways, I have 12 more days before I officially start nursing school! How exciting and nerve wrecking is that.

I already have homework and have been reading. :-/ I’m also taking a mini vacation to just rest before my life is officially handed over to nursing school.

Well, hope everyone brought the new year in with a bang! Let’s get it 2014!!!!!

-iFN Jeannette