Semester is over…Grades are in… I passed Pharmacology

Yes, I did pass pharmacology! By the grace of God I earned a B in the this class. I also earned an A in an online Speech class. I must say it’s a relief to finally get this semester over. Balancing 3 jobs, volunteering, and two classes was no easy task.

Anyways, I wanted to just list out a few things that I wanted to remember that I learned during this class that I feel will help me prepare and succeed in nursing school.

So first, I learned that there is no way you can succeed without keeping up with readings. Therefore, it’s important to read every single day.

Secondly, find and commit to a study strategy. For every single exam I tried all new strategies because I felt like after each test I never really knew everything that I needed to know.

Third, study with people that are doing well in the class. This may mean that the initial people that you had in your study group may not necessarily be there studying with you for your last exam.

Fourth, pay attention to main details and get them concrete in your mind. I found myself mixing up simple/common adverse effects for drugs that I should have known.

Fifth, don’t read the entire chapter. Listen to the lecture, review the notes, THEN go into your book and do further reading to help your comprehension.

Sixth, record lectures. This helps because you can go back and listen to the lecture; add notes to your notes, and it allows you to replay it in your car or when your at work.

Seventh, do as many study question as you can. Pay close attention to the rationale.

Well, that’s that.