I passed my dosage calculation exam

bd10415_So some nursing programs require you to take pharmacology before getting into the program and others have you take this course during your first semester in nursing school.

For me, one of the programs I applied to requires a C which is 75% in the pharmacology class and and a 90% + on the dosage calculation exam.

Knowing the exact numbers you need in order to have a chance on passing the class or get into a nursing program there is a lot of stress that comes with preparing for this class/exam.

So I am doing decent regarding the actual exams but it doesn’t matter if I don’t get a 90% + on the dosage exam.

The day finally came and I felt like I practiced all of the practice questions I had and I just had to keep relaxed.

I was doing well until I got to question 29 our of 40 questions. Syringes for insulin really stumped me. I hadn’t practice calculating insulin/units syringe. I prayed that the remaining question’s weren’t on this topic. So I finally passed the 2 questions, which I highly thought I got them incorrect and continued moving on. The last 10 or so questions were calculating IV infusions. These are fun for me so I know I was finishing up the exam strong.
So here we go.. I pressed the submit button and waiting anxiously for the grade… AND…. a 96% appeared on my screen.

I felt like the world just fell from my shoulders. I wanted to do a happy dance.

Now all my attention had to go to preparing for my Coronary Artery Disease project presentation next week and then my third and final exam in this class! I am zoo nervous but I will keep trooping on…