I got accepted to a nursing school!!!!

So this is the moment that I have been waiting for… an acceptance letter ( well email)… AND I finally got one.

I was on my way to church when I by glanced at my phone and saw I had a new email and the words I quickly read was NS- ACCEPTANCE. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I exited my mail app and reopened it just to make sure I wasn’t seeing something that wasn’t there. So I calmed down and I read my acceptance email. I quick responded with ” I accept!”

So just an update, my Plan B school put me on an alternate list which happens to be the school that has their orientation the latest and starts school the latest. My plan A school is still in progress as I am completing my Pharm class in order to get their official decision. I got into my Plan C.

Plan C school is actually the best ADN program; but it is just far. I really didn’t think I would get in as during their information meeting they said they receive about 120- 150 applications for the Spring class, which only has about 30-40 seats available. The odds were slim. So of course I was super excited that I made the cut! :-) After much research my original Plan A school is no longer desirable even though it is very close to where I live. I started reflecting and I would rather do the commute to attend a well respected quality nursing program, than to go to a mediocre and jeopardize my education.

It is so nice to finally make a decision and just continue with my life and make the necessary changes to attend Plan C NS. They are extremely organized and very informative and I really like that. I love to plan, so I love having all of the little details.

Plan A school is no longer in the running. My Pharm class really is kicking my butt, and I just am ready to move past it. I really hope I pass so at least I can transfer the credit and only take 3 nursing classes versus 4 nursing classes at my nursing program. We will see what happens. I never thought that I would strive and work so hard for a C. It is just mind blowing.

Anyways, from this entire experience I am super excited that application process is over and that I finally got into a nursing program. I am super excited to start fresh and new and really dive into nursing.

I also will be leaving my full time job at the end of December. I am super excited to have more time to devote to my studies. ( Nerd moment)

Anyways, for those that are still waiting your letters will come!

Have a good one!
-iFN Jeannette