Boxing reunion…

Pink boxing glovesSo on Saturday, I finally gave up on running away from my trainer. I was hesitant because we had great progress, but then it went down the drain.

I ended up gaining the 25-30 lbs I lost during my training with him, and I just didn’t want to face my trainer. It took a few attempts to squeeze into my jeans to finally send my trainer a text and schedule and KEEP our meeting.

This time around, I invited my sister in law to come and train with me, maybe it will help me be motivated.
Anyways, we met with my trainer and boy did I enjoy punching again. I absolutely love putting on my gloves and really just going at it. My body definitely reminded me how much I missed it as I was stiff for the next two days.

Anyways, this is a short blog post. I reflected and I know I let my pre nursing school classes, my three jobs, and my social life to get in the way of everything and push my working out down my priority list. I am not back on my training schedule, but I am excited to keep working on it.

So just a few words of encouragement. Even if you feel like you let others down and especially yourself down, just pick yourself up and start all over. If you did it once you can do it again.


Remind yourself you must find balance and prioritize your efforts to live a healthy life! PLUS, you feel wonderful after you work out. I really missed it and look forward to my next workout.

-iFN Jeannette