Failed Pharm 1 Exam! Yikes!

So it’s been that long since my last post.. smh. So I am at
week 7/8 ( I think) of my pharmacology class. My average is about a
60% and I’m freaking out. I failed my first exam and I was
devastated. Had no idea I did that bad! I thought the exam was
pretty fair, but somehow I still managed to fail the exam. After a
few days of crying, panic attacks, and all hope lost, I have
decides to just keep trying and doing my best. That is all I can
do. I met with my advisor and explained my challenges. I feel like
my teacher’s lectures don’t really help me, and that I have been
watching online lectures to see if it helps. I am seeking other
resources to try and pass this class. I have limited time, so I’m
just stressed that I won’t get everything in! I hate that it’s just
not clicking! I really didn’t expect to have this much trouble with
it. I’m sure it doesn’t help that the decision whether I am in my
first choice program is weighed on passing this class determines
whether I get into my first choice program! This is very
stressful!!! In addition to meeting with my advisor I and my study
group met our teacher and reviewed the first exam. We were able to
go through each wrong answer and think through why we chose that
answer. I was surprised I didn’t read questions correctly and I
also just made very stupid mistakes. Reviewing the exam sort of
helped, but it’s hard to figure out how I will do on my next exam.
I still feel like there is a lot of content, and there is a lot of
pressure on my shoulders. Passing or failing this next exam
determines whether I still have a shot passing this class or not.
:-/ Anyways, I am still trying to read and study any free moment
that I get. I am doing my best and praying that God does the rest.
Geesh, this is a stressful time. -iFN Jeannette