Quick, but long Pharmacology Rant…

So let’s talk about my Pharmacology class.

I have only had two lectures this semester and by the end of each class I literally feel like I'm one deep breath from crying and breaking down.

A little background info for you. I was registered to take Pharm during my Spring 2013 semester, but was discouraged to take the class as at that time I hadn't complete A&P1. So I did just that; I dropped it. In the nursing program I want to get into, passing Pharm with a 90% in the math exam determines whether I am accepted to the nursing program Spring 2014, or NOT! Now, I have completed all of my pre req's, passed my Teas, and now my last obstacle is passing Pharm. A good 8-9 months passed and now I am two weeks into my Pharmacology class.


During the past few months, I literally have looked forward to registering and studying pharmacology. I mean it is a “Nursing” course ( although I'm not officially in the program), so I thought that I would just be oozing with excitement, motivation, and determination to get an “A” and finally be officially accepted into the program by end of December. Fast forward, class has started, and I just am so uncertain as to how the semester will go.

First off, I really thought that the content was going to be easier to understand, but geesh the textbook is literally a step stool, filled with a million words that make it hard to understand. I literally am drowning in all of the small details.


So, I was hoping that the lectures would bring my text book content alive to help me grasp the information, but sadly this isn’t really happening. After my last lecture, I wanted to run home open a bottle of wine, and just try to forget about it all! After talking to others, I realized I really need to give it my all. Today, I met with a classmate, who now will become by regular study partner, and I must say it rwlly helps you get through. If you are going to survive nursing school, and more specifically for me pass Pharm I suggest to find a study buddy and work with them.

During my lectures, we really don't have the time to discuss the content. We just listen to the teacher and push “next” on the slide show. :-/ After my study session, I feel like there is hope. With organization, study sessions, and good study partners I believe we can make it! You can too!

Me being me, I am already preparing for my first exam, which is about two weeks away. The exam will cover 19 chapters worth of content, and just hearing 19 chapters makes me panic. So now, my study buddy and I have agreed to meet as much as we can and try to digest bits and pieces along the way , so as to make comprehending the information easier. (I feel so happy now!)


I'm almost done, I swear. I just wanted to share a few topics that we have been learning about. ( If your interested that is…)

We have read/studied/learned/touched on…. (Whatever….) the following:

  • Drug routes of administration
  • Differences between parenteral and enteral routes
  • Nursing Practices
  • Nursing process and drug therapy
  • Law Legislature pertaining to drugs
  • The chemical, generic, and trade names of drug
  • Pharmokinetics: Absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs
  • Half life/time of drugs
  • Loading/Maintenance Dose
  • Thereuptic and Pharmocologic drug effects
  • Mechanisms of Actions
  • Side/Adverse effects
  • Thereupitc index
  • Drug dosage calculations
  • Drug interactions
  • Life span drug considerations
  • Pregnancies safety categories
  • Neonatal and pediatric considerations
  • Cultural influences
  • Genetic influences
  • Causes and ways to prevent medication errors
  • Drugs affecting the nervous system
  • And umm…. A lot more I don't want to mention….

Long list? Absolutely. This is only some of the topics “taught” in the last 14 days. I put taught in quotes, because I feel a lot of the learning happens on your own time with your book. ( Not so much in class) The teacher can only highlight and explain so much. So, yes, Pharmacolgy is a tough class. There is a lot of information you NEED to learn. Memorizing will not get you anywhere in this class! So think again.


As I review the list above I do get a little excited as it is making a little more sense, which is good news.


Well, that is all. Time for bed so I can wake up at 8:00 am and take a calculations and conversion assessment.


Night night.