No more Hesi… Moving on with life…. Feels good!

Today I passed my Hesi A2! The two month wait and the two science courses i completed did indeed help me pass the biology section. Two months ago, I missed my 75% goal in the bio section by 3%, but today I scored a high 96%! I am beyond excited about the improvement. My overall grade percentage increased from 88% to 92%. Anyways, my advice to people that need to take or retake is to go with your first answer and don't get hung up on each question. The first time I took the exam I was so nervous and anxious, so I checked each answer in every section three times, and this cost me a lot of valuable time. Today I decided to not read too deep into the question, which allowed me to shave over an hour of time for the entire exam. I was even able to complete the critical thinking, learning styles, and personally test sections, which I didn't have the time to complete the first time.

I, also think that since I knew the format of the test and had a good idea of what to expect I was able to calm my nerves and go in confidently.

So passing this exam means no more Hesi studying! Yipee! Now I have the opportunity to finish a third ADN application to increase my chances in getting into an ADN program for Spring 2014. Since I did well this second time I feel a lot better that these scores are on my file for the future whether I'm applying to other programs etc. I also am personally proud that I was able to tackle my biology/ science (bump in the road.) I really feared this subject, but the more classes I take the more I learn and the more I enjoy.

Finally, taking and passing this exam allows me to mentally let this GO. I felt for a good yeari had the worries of passing the Teas and Hesinover my head and felt at times it consumed my mind with worry. I now can proceed on focusing on my fall classes. This fall will be a challenge as I am balancing three jobs, pharmacology and a speech online course. I am currently working on my fall schedule/ calendar to make sure that i stay on top of my classes and workouts. Sadly, I have gained a few pounds since the start of my summer semester and I really need to burn it off. I hate feeling gross and uncomfortabke.

Nonetheless, I am at a happy place right now and I'm excited in making everything work. Starting in January, I will be a full time student and I cannot wait for that! I am excited to really go after my nursing dream and look forward to moving one step closer.

Well, that about does it as I am going back to reading my speech textbook. Good luck to all who started fall classes this week. You can do it!

-iFN Jeannette