Hesi A2 Retake tomorrow and Fall Class update… Things are moving along.

So, tomorrow I retake my Hesi A2. This is the last chance I’ll have in order to pass this exam. Last time, two months ago, I missed the science section by one question. If I selected one more correct answer I wouldn’t have to be retaking it! I’m still bitter, oh well.

What makes me feel even worse is that this second time around I didn’t study as hard as I did the first time. I don’t know where the drive went. I, in a sense just feel defeated. I, also feel that things may go well because in the span of two months I was able I take Microbiology and Anatomy and Physiology 2, which are two courses that they highly recommend prior to taking the exam. I feel like I am at a better position now than before, which is good. I still fear that the questions that will be on my exam will be everything I do not know! Ahhh! The worries…

I am starting to get nervous because I hate taking long standardized exams. I need to keep my focus for that long and that can be hard for me. It was such a stressful test and process to have to go through again. What I would give to not do this all over.

Having the same study guides also didn’t help the situation. I have reread all of my study material and don’t know how to feel or judge whether I know or don’t know the material. I just don’t know! (I think I’m being overly dramatic, but really I DON’T KNOW!!!!)

Side note, I just found out by the end of September I should know whether I was accepted to one of the two schools I have applied to. September is right around the corner so I’m super excited! On another note, my Pharmacology class starts Thursday. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. It’s a BIGG book!!!!!

The grade on this class determines whether I get into my preferred program or not, and by preferred I really don’t mean preferred lol. I don’t know what it means. I hear that the program is disorganized, but it’s also the program I know the most people that have successfully completed. Things can be so confusing, but I have to remind myself not to jump ahead and just take things as they come.

This pharmacology class is really my last hurdle in getting in. I have bought supplemental reading material to help so I hope I can get a system in place very soon to get things going. Anyways, I may sound like I’m going crazy with all of this I am actually excited for this fall. I just pray all goes well! 🙂

-iFN Jeannette