I have submitted 2 ADN applications

So quick update. Two out of three ADN nursing applications are in! I am super excited in just a few months I will find out the results. (well by the end of the year.)

I still have to study for my Hesi retake then submit my application. I am nervous about my Hesi. I don’t want to fail my science section. I do feel better prepared since I have finished both Microbiology and A&P2. Hope it really does help me pass that section. 🙂 So I will soon start studying for this exam, but first I have to snap out of vacation mode.

Anyways a day does not go by that I think about the day that I get my nursing program acceptance letter. Ahh I am so excited and I really hope I do get in the first time.

Well things are moving forward! Good luck to you all. 🙂

-iFN Jeannette

One thought on “I have submitted 2 ADN applications

  1. iFN Jeannette says:

    Thank you very much! I’m super excited I’m here now and will definitely work on creating my plan A,B,C! It feels good to have submitted them. It’s been a long process completing pre reqs, passing nursing entrance exams, and completing applications. 🙂

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