Dealing with stress… and failing Anatomy and Physiology exams

There is no worse feeling than walking into a classroom KNOWING that a miracle would need to happen in order to pass the upcoming exam. So for some UNKNOWN reason I can't comprehend the 3-4 chapters a week and Ace my A&PII exams. I dread Wednesdays because it's the “failing” EXAM day. 🙁

I am at point where I am so sure I will have to retake this course. (I'm not even sure I can pull a “C” and that frightens me. I have never been a “failing student.”)

I do not have the time to take an additional class to my already registered Pharmacology and Speech class, so I really don't want to flunk this class. To think of adding A&PII to fall just makes me want to cry! I know I won't be able to handle all three classes and 2 jobs at the same time. ::sigh::

Anyways, I am doing my best. All of the extra ( little) time I have I devote it to reading and studying. Even though I am not dropping the ball in terms of studying, I just totally miss when it comes to exam day. I feel like what I read and study is NOT in the exam, and this FRUSTRATES me! I have never been in this situation of failing/getting a low grade in a class, and I don't know how to handle it. My stress level is HIGH!!!!

It's an accelerated 5 week course and I am on week 3 so it will be over soon, which is a good thing. But, according to my points I am not doing too well. I can't gauge where I stand. ( We will find out on Monday.)

I guess I should stop rambling. I just needed a second to vent. I guess this is part of the journey of returning back to school. Soon it will all be over ( whether I have to retake it or not), and it will all be worth it in the end. (Looking forward to the RN after my name :-)… Gotta keep my eye's on the prize… )

So moving on with life… one step ( or BUMP) at a time. One day, I will get into nursing school.


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