Consistency… Why is it so hard?

Venting Off
Maximus_W / Foter / CC BY

Consistency, consistency, consistency… During my few days off I started meditating why being consistent in anything that I do is so hard. :-/

From working out, to preparing healthy meals, to following up with friends is always hard to continue. So I have reached the point where I need to get myself together and get back on track. If you have tips please, please, PLEASE let me know!

Due to a very intensive Microbiology and A&PII summer class I have TOTALLY stopped working out, so now I want to commit to doing three fitness/healthy things a week and slowly build up.

First, I want to meet with my Boxing trainer weekly and have a killer boxing session. 🙂 I really, really love punching!

Secondly, I want to run 5K’s and work on improving my running pace.

In addition to working out, I will be going back to drinking WATER . (That’s so hard for me 🙁 I love my Starbucks! )

Well, since I can’t turn back the hands of time; I have to make sure I prepare for what’s to come. So, tomorrow will be my boxing session and I look forward to that. There’s definitely built up stress that I would love to get out on the bag!

As far as for running, I have a love/hate relationship. It sucks to start running but once I do it for a few days I love it! It allows me to just be with my thoughts as well as it helps me shed the pounds pretty fast. I just have to remember to keep doing it!

So yea, I look forward to turning my life around. Writing down my three goals really helps me work towards meeting them.

I can do this!