I passed the Teas V! My 2 cents on Teas V vs Hesi A2

So, today I took my Teas exam and passed all of the sections! This was my first time taking this exam and I am beyond excited that I DO NOT have to retake this exam. ( Wish I could say that about the Hesi)

Since, I took both the Hesi and the Teas I wanted to give you my 2 cents on my experiences/comparisons.

Which is harder, Teas or Hesi?
Well, both exams are designed to make you think…but I think the Teas was harder. I only believe this because I felt like I really had to pick between two REALLY good answers, and some of the questions were asking me to recall such details that I was unsure I had. When I took the Hesi I felt like I 100% knew what the question was asking and I felt I was able to pick the answers quicker.

So, when you complete each section in the Hesi exam it automatically calculates your grade before you can proceed to the next section. This is very nerve wrecking because if you are watching out for a certain grade ( Like i was…had to have a 75% or above in all sections) I held my breath until I saw what I got. If I got less than the grade I needed for the section early I felt like I should just walk out and not waste my time to complete the test.

The Teas does not calculate after each section. Whew! That made me feel a lot better and less nervous as I was taking the exam. I did feel anxious after I finished the exam because I was waiting for the proctor to print out my results, and he was taking such a long time. ( the printer was having issues) This took a few minutes and boy did I want to scream!

Order of sections
When you take the Hesi you are able to choose which sections you want to take. This can help someone start with their easiest section to calm their nerves and proceed.

With the Teas, I had no idea what was coming. I was super anxious because I didn’t want to start with Science as that is my worst section.

Checking answers
During a Hesi exam you are not allowed to go back and check your answers. This stinks! So, before you proceed to the next question you have to make sure that choose the best answer.

During the Teas exam, you are allowed to go back and review your answers, of course if you have the time to spare.

Study Guide
The Teas study guide I believe has more practice questions, so this is a good study good to take practice exams. The Hesi study guide has brief overviews of each subject, which I actually prefer. The Teas study guide at one point overwhelmed me with so many details. I do suggest that regardless of whether you need to take the Hesi or not, I say get the Hesi study guide and study that first. I felt more prepared for the Teas study guide and the Teas exam after going through the Hesi study guide. I feel like the Hesi does a good job teaching you the basics of everything.

If you want to get an idea on where you stand for the Teas I say sign up for a Hesi exam. You may not need this score, but the opportunity to take a long test with similar content could be very beneficial to you. It could help you realize what sections you need to work on. For me, I don’t know if I would have passed the Teas today if I didn’t take the Hesi before.

Additional Study Aids: Smartphone App

If you need more practice questions for either the Teas or Hesi I say get the ATI Teas Pocket Prep app. You will be able to review practice questions, get the reasoning behind each answer, and take timed exams. Definitely worth the $10.00.

I also utilized YouTube videos on the subjects I didn’t fully understand. (Science and Math)

Well, that’s it for now. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or message me.

10 thoughts on “I passed the Teas V! My 2 cents on Teas V vs Hesi A2

  1. mayra says:

    Hi! can you provide the name of the study guide you used to study for the teas as well as the author of the book?

  2. Kiersten Amelino says:

    Hi I have already taken the hesi but am going to take the teas in a few months. Would you recommend I buy the specific teas book or are my HESI study books good enough?

  3. Hallie says:

    Hi, I am taking the Teas in a week and I have already taken the hesi. I did well on the hesi with a 86 overall but one of my section grades (science) was not high enough to apply. The school I’m looking at now accepts the Teas and they look at your overall grade. My question is what was your hesi overall grade vs teas overall grade? I’m wondering if they are comparable at all. I know Teas grades are probably lower. Thank you!


    I was second guessing taking these exams until i started to read your blog , thank you for all the info. I will be looking for a testing center in my area this week and picking up a study guide asap. I feel like i got confirmation when i got to the bottom and seen that your name was Jeannette as well and spelled exactly like mine. I told myself this was no joke 🙂

    • iFN Jeannette says:

      Hi JEANNETTE!!! That is awesome that we spell it the same. I rarely find someone that spells it the way we do.

      Well, congrats on making the decision to taking the entrance exams. Get the study guide, make your study schedule, and go in confidently. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

      I look forward to your updates. Keep me posted!!! 🙂

      • Derrice Efre says:

        My daughter is 16 took the teas and missed it by 6 points do u think I should purchase the ati study guide she had told me that the test was totally different than the book

        • iFN Jeannette says:

          Hello! Thank you so much for finding my blog and leaving a comment. What book did she initially use to study? I used both the Hesi A2 and the Teas V study guides to prepare for both. Yes. I do recommend the study guide as it helped to review the content that is tested on the exam. Also, have you considered using app on a smart phone to have her complete more practice questions? I used the app on the go and that really helped.

          I took the exam twice and the second time I took it I was more relaxed and knew what to expect. That really helped increase my points.

  5. iFN Jeannette says:

    Hi! In my opinion the Teas is harder than the Hesi therefore if you master the teas content then you should be prepared for hte Hesi. I had both study guides and believe that the Hesi study guide did a better job breaking things down so I understood the material quicker and easier.

    I also used quizlet my old a&P books, additional math prep workbooks.

    try to visit a half price book and see if you can find a cheaper book. Also you can use youtube to further learn basic concepts that appear in the book ie. blood flow of the heart.

    Hope this helps! Feel free to tweet us at @iFitNurse or like us on facebook.

    Take care.

    • Caity says:

      H! So I realize that this post was like almost 2 years ago, but if you are still replying I have a couple of possibly stupid questions. First being, where do I take the teas or hesi exam? Is it just like signing up for the SAT or ACT?
      Second question, I know that nursing school has deadlines and each school is different but when is a pretty good time to take the tests? If I am applying for spring semester and I have to apply by September can I take the tests in summer?

      • ifnadmin says:


        Some of the schools have specific testing centers you need to register at. If they don’t they still may have suggestions where you can take it. I took it in June, then in August, and nursing applications were due in September. Do it where you have at least 2 months to retest before dead line is due, just incase you need to retake it. You don’t want to miss the application deadline because you have to retake the test. I would take about a month to really study for it.

        I also took a little more time on the difficult sections. Do the practice questions and see how you perform and create your study plan off of that.

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