What’s in my gym bag- Top 5 Gym Must Haves

I love purchasing new workout clothes and gear. I thought it would be fun to list my top favorite things I carry when I go to the gym.
So here they are: My top 5 things

1. Polar Heart Rate Monitor watch with Chest Strap OR Bodymedia Armband

I prefer the Polar Heart Rate Monitor watch because I use it to guide me during my workouts. If I can push harder I will- my watch will tell me that. If I get to my zone 3 I know when to pull back. I also LOVE the calories burned counter. I pre plan the amount of calories I want to burn for each workout, so this feature really helps me reach my weekly goals.

2. Music player- I absolutely love working out to music! Whether I use my iPhone on my arm band or just clip on my shuffle I get to workout with the tunes of my choice- not stuck to what ever they are playing at the gym. I update my workout playlist to include all of my favorite new workout songs as well as my classic ” go hard or go home” type of songs.

Not only does music distract me from the pain or the amount of time I have left on teh treadmill it also helps me keep my pace as I work out, especially when I’m trying to beat my 1 mile running time.

3. Water/Shaker bottle – It’s absolutely necessary to keep yourself hydrated throughout your workout. I personally LOVE shopping for water bottles. I feel like if my water bottle is pretty to look at it will be pretty enough to encourage me to drink from it! :-p. If I know I am heading to the gym to have an extra hard workout I may even take a workout powder to mix in.

4. Gym Bag with all of the essentials- As ladies you will never know what you will need when your away from home. So, I have a small gym bag in which I keep extra pairs of socks,lip gloss, deodorant, hair gel etc. I also have a gym bag make up bag which has all of the basics in case I ever get stuck near the gym and need to head somewhere right afterwards.

5. Snack/Gum – A pre/post workout snack can really help with repairing my muscles e.g. protein shakes/bars. Bringing snacks along whether it’s a protein bar or a pack of nuts it really helps me hold me over until I go home and make a healthy food choice. There have been times that I had to reach into my bag and pull out a snack before it was too late. ( Sometimes it could be so easy to drive up the McDonald’s drive through, which is so inconveniently attached to my gym parking lot, BUT I do fight the urge as much as I can.)

Well, I think thats it, my top 5! If you have any cool gadgets or workout gear you like to bring to the gym let me know!