From music to nursing. Why the switch?

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Thomas Hawk / Love Photos / CC BY-NC

If anyone has either made a career change or has returned to school; you are well aware and have committed to memory the brief summary as to your reasons for making the switch.

As I have stated, I am an audio engineer. Don’t get me wrong I love it, but not enough to make it my full time job. As I transition to nursing school, I have had to explain to many people my reasons to pursue nursing.

So, you may ask; how or why did I get into nursing? Well, the idea of switching careers was sparked by a volunteering assignment at a Women’s hospital, where I got to interact with all kinds of patients. I started realizing that I enjoy taking care of others and I quickly fell in love with the atmosphere. I at that point would volunteer my time more than actually go to my paying job. :-/ That’s when I knew I wanted to pursue NURSING.

I, now have decided that it’s time to apply to nursing school. Boy, what a transition so far. I have NEVER EVER been so stressed out! I don’t know if it’s me, but I have been super stressed trying to make sure I get all of my pre requisites completed, get A’s in all of the classes I need to take, make sure I don’t miss any application requirements, and MOST stressful of it all trying to pass the nursing entrance exams.

I CANNOT wait until I complete all of this and all of my application are in the mail. I will finally be able to breath and just wait to hear back. ::fingers crossed::

For those that are in the same boat as me, just remember you will be a nurse, even if it takes a longer time or you go a different route than planned. Just keep your head up and your spirits up. If becoming a nurse is your dream and your passionate about helping others, it will happen for you. 🙂